Rayna Ballet Sneaker

Rayna Ballet Sneaker

I have spent months obsessing over our first sneaker, the Rayna ballet sneaker and I am thrilled to finally share it with you.

Rayna is a sophisticated, lightweight, lace-up ballet trainer combining form and function. The construction of a ballet flat that’s reminiscent of a 70s track shoe. (You may recognize the distinct upside-down heart feature on the toe cap from our original Rayna style.).Developing this style over Zoom with our Italian team had its challenges but I knew it was worth it when I got the first sample. I danced in them!
We worked with the finest tanneries, which happen to be within 100km of our factory in Florence, Italy, to source leather and suede that already existed.

And, as always, we made a small number of them for our first production, given our belief in sustainable growth.

We’re committed to the highest level of craftsmanship and innovation. Everything we do is touched by a human and crafted by hand, from start to finish.

We made this video to share our passion for our craft and to show you what it takes to make the Rayna ballet sneaker. I hope you feel the love when you wear them.