Katie Collins

Katie Collins

Katie Collins is a sought-after fashion and celebrity stylist based in Los Angeles. She has styled and created iconic looks for A-List actors and musicians across a number of platforms including red carpet, celebrity press and editorial.

Her background in art and photography has shaped her discerning eye and point of view. She's equally passionate about costume design and has created content for television, film and commercial advertising.

We're thrilled to feature Collins for In Conversation and we're inspired by her down-to-earth attitude and work ethic. Watch her conversation with Elle to see Katie share the often overlooked 'unglamorous side' of styling A-Listers and her desire to offer the next generation opportunities she didn't have when she started working in the fashion industry.

Watch the full conversation:


Zvelle shoes: Monir (Nero), Anais Ankle Boots (Black Leather) and Bella (Rosso)