Tara Grammy

Tara Grammy

Tara Grammy is an Iranian-Canadian actress, writer and producer. Grammy is a creative multi-hyphenate with a unique voice and point of view. 'Mahmoud', a play she co-wrote, was a finalist for Canada's Governor General Awards and won the New York Fringe Excellence in Solo Performance. She recently played the lead role in "A Simple Wedding", a romantic comedy of which she was also an executive producer. She was a host on the first season of Persia's Got Talent.  

Her latest satire "Persian Quarantine with Manijeh" which she produced and starred in went viral on YouTube and we are all excited to see the future adventures of Manijeh, her fictional character.

Grammy stands out not just for her talent and creativity but because she is pursuing a career path that no other actress of Iranian descent has pursued before. She is telling stories for a new generation of Iranian immigrants all over the world. We're proud to feature her on Zvelle In Conversation. Watch her conversation with Elle to see Grammy share the ups and downs of her chosen path. 

Watch the full conversation:

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