We are global citizens.

The world is big, obviously. We want to make it smaller. Not with plane tickets and hotel rooms, but with our own curiosity. We believe elegance is the courage to step outside of oneself and walk through the world with gratitude and wonder. The Zvelle woman is always interested in the next adventure, the new destination, the unlikely friendship. The world is wealthy with variety. We are fascinated by the differences, and struck by the similarities.


Sustainability means freedom from seasons, untethered to trend.

Zvelle accessories exist in a world beyond fashion’s season-to-season system. We create shoes and accessories because they fulfill your desire for beautiful pieces that will endure for years in style and quality. It’s our own take on sustainability. Without the pressure of prescriptive fashion, we can transcend trends to provide you with the freedom to move through life at your own pace. We give you the privilege to walk with style and grace, whether in leisure or with urgency, wearing accessories crafted with great care for that express purpose.