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Digital Gift Card

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Your digital gift card will be sent directly to you by email. You can forward it to the lucky recipient or have our Style Concierge do it for you, along with a personalized message. Email

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"From an early age I knew I wanted to chart my own path. I learned to listen to the voice of my own heart and tune out the voices that told me what I should not be. My journey to creating Zvelle led me across the world, from Iran to Dubai to New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Italy.
I wanted to create a brand that championed individuality. That stirred intellect, emotion and creativity. My designs have stories to tell, just like their wearers. I’ve always seen myself as more than just a designer. My inspirations are boundless. The stories I share are drawn from my passion for creativity, craftsmanship, culture and life. Zvelle designs aspire to be more than just fashion or status symbols. They remind you to walk how you want.” - Elle