Zvelle Editke Bag Collectors Edition
Our Story
Zvelle Founder and Creative Director Elle AyoubZadeh

Elle AyoubZadeh,
Founder & Creative Director of Zvelle
Learning To Walk How I Want

As the daughter of a single mother, I quickly realized if I wanted to have something I had to work for it. Work became my outlet for independence and self discovery. Zvelle began with a determination to do things differently. Walk How You Want comes from my own experiences and belief that following the beat of your own heart is more valuable than trying to fit in. This is my story of how I learned to do just that.

The Art Of Craft

I feel most alive when I am in our factories among people creating dreams with their hands. Before I even had a brand I traveled to Italy, Spain and Brazil to meet factory owners and learn about crafting shoes. I don’t speak any of these languages but craftspeople have their own language, not always spoken. It's something I understood innately and developed with time and experience. I got my training in shoes and bags on the factory floor working with factory owners and their modelists and craftspeople. Luxury craftsmanship is in Zvelle’s DNA and will always be paramount for us.

We produce in small batches using existing luxury materials within 100km of our factories. This is a sustainable approach to production. It allows us to minimize waste and repurpose our materials. There is no sustainability without the human element and humanity is at the heart of everything we do.