Zvelle Editke Bag Collectors Edition
Our story

Elle AyoubZadeh;
Founder & Creative Director of Zvelle
Learning To Walk How I Want.

As the daughter of a single mother I quickly realized if I wanted to have something I had to work for it. Work became my outlet for independence and self discovery. Zvelle began with a passionate belief and a determination to do things differently. Zvelle is the product of my belief that all people should walk how they want. This is my story of how I learned to do just that.

The Art Of Shoemaking.

I feel most alive when I am in our factories among craftspeople creating dreams. Before I even had a brand I traveled alone to Spain, Italy and Brazil to meet factory owners and learn about making shoes. I don’t speak any of these languages but craftspeople have their own language, not always spoken. I learned everything I know about making shoes by sitting next to the craftspeople on factory floors, absorbing everything I could. 

In the early days, no one would take my meeting and if they did it was often to say no. I even received threats from bad factories. But I pushed through and today we work with the best factories in the world. You cannot fake great craftsmanship. I wanted to work with the best people who treated their people well including their suppliers. I also wanted to challenge the assumption that you cannot have beautiful design and comfort in a shoe. I wanted to make products my way, in small batches using existing materials all within 100km of our factories. It's a sustainable way to do it and we still do it today. I love knowing that every single product we make allows our factories and suppliers to support their communities in a healthy and sustainable way. They’re like family to me and everything we create together is more than just a product.

Our Stories and In Conversation.

As an independent brand, our marketing has always been about telling unique stories from a perspective that comes from who I am as a person, a woman and a designer. Through Zvelle you’ll hear stories about women and men crossing boundaries across industries and in society, stories about passion, grit and new beginnings, diverse people walking how they want and personal stories about my inspirations and why we do what we do.